Fashions come full circle

I was watching a Hindi movie called ‘Humjoli’on TV when I noticed that the actress on the screen playing badminton was wearing a very trendy churidar –kurta and looked quite updo date in her dressing style. But this was movie from the seventies! So, I realised fashions do come full circle. The trends we see today on churidars and salwars, are no doubt stylish but were very much in vogue in the late 1960's and early seventies.

The Anarkali churidas with kurtas reaching to the ankles seen in movies like ‘Mughal e Azam’ were back again in the hindi movie ‘Hum Aapke Hain kaun’ as flowing gowns worn by the leading lady. They are back once again toady as Anarkali styled churidars - the current trend in party wear and important occasions.
What is now known as the short kurti, popularly worn over jeans today, was once the fashion statement of the 1960's. They were worn over churidars, with long flowing dupattas, quite evident in the movies of that era. The Patiala salwars which was the rage of the 1980’s was popularised once again in the 2000 era. In a number of scenes in the movie ‘Jab we met’, women are seen in the Patiala salwar.

The style in the movie ‘Maine pyar kiya’ is quite similar to the 60’s style churidar. But the churidar of the ‘Maine Pyar Kiya’ heroine appears to have some western influence to it, yet the the heroine manages to look traditional. It seems to be just a remake of the old ones with modifications, to give it a newer look.

Of course every generation has its own unique sense of fashion, with slight variations in the sleeves, collar, colours and prints to make it more contemporary, including the current popularity and taste of the period, but the basic style has been retained over the years.

Nothing seems to actually go out of fashion for good. The salwar kameez or churidar kameez is today the most popular dress across all states in India. Designers give it creative twists, with their profuse imagination and make it as contemporary as possible.

Varying from the ethnic look to the trendy party style, the salwar kameez has come to suit all occasions. It is just as authentic to the Indian women as the saree.

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